Action Analysis

Today I was criticized for not updating this blog since this summer. My response: none. I had no reason to leave this blog unattended for so long other than pure forgetfulness. So here is what I've been up to this year. It's a action analysis assignment, mine takes place in a school gymnasium, the action is a bully mercilessly throwing a dodge ball. I should be complete before the holidays. I'll post it if it isn't god awful.

Someone mentioned that my layout reminded them of a little film staring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. That's right you've guessed it, it's none other than my pick for 1996's movie of the year Space Jam (I was 9yrs old) . God damn it, I need to watch this movie again. Soon!

Some concept stuff

Here are some location designs for a group film.

You probably guesses that the last one is the one that does not belong. It was for an earlier idea that unfortunately got scraped. It was for the best.