Adventures at the Zoo

I work fairly close to the zoo now so I am planning to make a habit of visiting often to do some sketching. My first visit was this Monday. Whenever I visit the zoo I always go straight for the elephants, and this time was no different. After patiently waiting for the elephants to come out of hiding I was rewarded with the site of all five elephants out and about and enjoying their meal.

I was pretty far along in a sketch when a family came by to poke their nose in my sketchbook, I guess I'm use to this by now so I manage to keep working but I can still hear them talking about me in a foreign language. The mother came up to me and complemented my drawing, she then tells me "My son thought your drawing was the internet". I knew she meant an image OFF the internet and not that my drawing was actually the series of interconnected computer networks, but I couldn't help but to laugh a little bit. I thanked her for her kind words and continued to work.