Here is a character I designed... he's a Garbageman! I really should have done my homework instead of colouring it, oh well.


B&W Layout

Here a black and white version of my layout, as you can see I've made changes to the foreground. The final colour coming soon. I'm thinking of painting two, one midday and another sunset /rise, it depends if I have time or not. I might even do a third! But I'll probably get lazy end up just doing the one, we'll see.


A Layout

Here is a layout I did for my painting class. It's not the final version, I gotta make a few major changes before I can start painting.



Heheh, ignore my last post. I kinda fixed my scanner, but it still sucks. Here's some drawings from my sketchbook.


Hello! I have a blog now... sorry I don't have anything new to put up. I used my scanner as a footrest... aaannd now its broken. I'll put something up as soon as I can.