Thompson Machine Gun - High Poly - WIP

I'm working on this for my portfolio, it's a Thompson machine gun. It's just a high poly model for now, low poly and textures coming soon.


Leather Chair

This was an asset I worked on during school. I said that I would go back and to it and do some touch ups, but that was four months ago and I haven't touched it since. So I guess it time to release it into the wild.


Finally a new post...

It's been a while since my last post, and boy have been busy. I started the Game Arts program at Seneca College in September  and I finally have something worth posting. This is an assignment I did in my environment modeling class, the goal is to recreate a scene from a piece of concept art. I actually choose a scene from one of my favorite movie in recent years, guess what.

That's right the answer is Inglorious Basterds


Toronto Fan Expo 2011

I'm going to the Toronto Fan Epxo this week. I'll be sitting at the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop table on Friday after 5pm, come say Hi! 

Here are a few of my pages in Holmes Inc. Issue #2, it's part of TCW's Fit To Print project.


Comic Page Exercise

I've been taking a comic class and it's lots of fun. I just did this page for practice.



Some new paintings

I started doing chuistream contests again. The topics where picked by the artists being interviewed (Derek Thompson and Aaron Hartline). Their topics where Godzilla and Mr. "something"-head (a variation from a scene in Toy Story 3).